October 18, 2016 SHSAmericanaLogo

Dear Parents and SMS students,

The Americana Music Club is being developed to offer Americana music at SMS, to help build and develop Americana Project programming District-wide.

The goals of the program:

  • Guitar and multi-instrumental opportunities
  • Ensemble playing
  • Understanding different styles of American music
  • Writing and performing original music

Americana Project Alumni Benji Nagel will be the instructor for a 75-minute class.

Offered to students grades 6-8, after-school
Wednesday/Thursday for six week

3:15-4:30 pm in the art room 

Experience on an instrument required/ student musicians of all styles encouraged to apply, singers, piano players, guitar, songwriters, etc…

This is not a beginner guitar class. 
First Session:

Nov. 2 – Dec.15 (no class during Thanksgiving Break)

Second Session:

Jan 25 – March 2
Cost: $80 per student, applications and payment can be made to SMS lead secretary and checks made out to Sisters Folk Festival.

Scholarship applications are available through the FAN office on an as needs basis. FAN office located in the SSD building 525 E Cascade Ave. 541-549-0155

Thank you,

Brad Tisdel
Creative Director
Sisters Folk Festival/Americana Project