Outdoor School


Outdoor SchoolOutdoor School for fifth and sixth graders is the exciting enrichment opportunity of the year to experience academics and education OUTSIDE of the four walls of a classroom.
Carol Packard has spent two decades working with sixth graders to provide the opportunity for rich discussion and hands-on learning. Brad Tisdel, one of our Camp Coordinators for sixth grade, trains the high school counselors and brings the arts and music around the evening campfire as well as rallies during the day. For some students, this is the first time that they sleep in a sleeping bag or eat around a dinner table as a group, putting a napkin on their lap.


Camp Tamarack (Fifth Grade)

Starting last year, all fifth graders are attending outdoor school at Camp Tamarack near Sisters. It’s the same format as sixth grade except they study the forests on the east side, whereas sixth graders study the temperate rainforest of the west side of the Cascades, near Sweet Home, at Camp Tadmor.

Camp Tamarack is for every fifth grader in Central Oregon. See the website link for Camp Tamarack.


Camp Tadmor (Sixth Grade)

Camp Tadmor is for just our sixth graders and run by the SMS staff. Students are supervised at all times with trained SHS student counselors as well as camp organizers, SMS staff, and nurse Roy.

Students take a deeper look into the ecosystem in their outdoor education classes, as well as learn how to survive in the wilderness with limited supplies and how to care for injuries with a buddy, etc. Interest groups are held in the afternoon before homework time, where students can experience drumming and song writing, painting on canvas, baking, carving walking sticks, micro-worlds, beading, dance, etc. Outdoor School typically occurs for three days and two nights in the month of May. All students and teachers attend.


Carol Packard

Carol Packard

Sixth Grade Teacher

Health, Science, Social Studies
541-549-2099 ext. 5530

Brad Tisdel

Brad Tisdel

Outdoor School Head Facilitator


Carol Packard “Lichen” & Brad Tisdel “Alpenglow"