YearbookYearbooks are memories that last a lifetime! The yearbook staff is made up entirely of Leadership students with the Leadership teacher as their advisor. Web-based programing enables students to navigate easily to complete their assigned color pages with including their own creative spin on page layout and captions. The end result is a beautiful hardback glossy 56-page yearbook.

Outlaw Photograph (Jerry Baldock) has been a generous go-to for our professional photographs.

Students and community members are also encouraged to submit photos for consideration to:

Eighth grade baby ads are on sale starting December 1 and sell out quickly.

    Yearbooks are purchased through the office for $25.00-$30.00.

    Jeff Schiedler

    Jeff Schiedler

    5th - 8th Grade Teacher

    Mathematics, STEAM, Leadership
    541-549-2099 ext. 5541