Sisters OutlawsSports & Activities Philosophy

Learning continues in middle school sports and after school activities and every student is encouraged to participate. Our athletic program is designed to build confidence, character, promote health and fitness, and develop physical and sportsmanship skills needed for high school athletics. We emphasize participation and team spirit rather than competition. Middle school athletics promotes school spirit and creates closer connections between teachers, who are also coaches, and students. The middle school strives to provide families with direct and clear communication with coaches / teachers and cooperates with both Sisters Park and Recreation District and Sisters High School to provide our community with a link between community-based and high school sports.

In order to increase after school participation and opportunities, the middle school also offers a variety of school clubs at no charge to students. After-school clubs provide healthy and fun learning opportunities that help students to continue learning and building positive relationships with teachers beyond the school day.

Sports Programs Offered

The middle school, along with Sisters Park and Recreation District, manages seventh and eighth grade “school ball” team sports (football, cross country, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and track). Sisters Park and Recreation District offers programs and opportunities in the Sisters community for students from Kindergarten through sixth grade. Sisters Park and Recreation District also runs traveling tournament teams with Bend Parks and Recreation league teams and club sports, such as sixth grade volleyball and tournament basketball.

Sports Schedules

For all sports schedules, click on the SPRD link in the menu to the right. You will be taken to the Sisters Park and Recreation District website which has all of the schedules.


How to Register for Sports

To register for sports, please contact Sisters Park and Recreation. The middle school pay-to-participate fees vary based on the individual sport. Please contact Sisters Park and Recreation or visit for more information.

Sports Participation

Participation in Middle School athletic programs complements, reinforces, and extends academic programs and offers opportunities for students to grow physically and socially. Participation in appropriate competitive athletics increases self-esteem, self-discipline, and fair play, which carry over into daily problem-solving skills throughout life.

Middle school athletic programs include interscholastic programs in competition with other Central Oregon middle schools.  Participants must be enrolled in the sixth (for cross country, wrestling, and track only), seventh, or eighth grades and must be passing all of their classes.

Participation is a privilege. Students are expected to meet and maintain eligibility standards in order to participate. Failure to meet and maintain academics, achieving satisfactory attendance, and desirable behavior as measured by district criteria, may result in discipline and removal from the activity.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a positive, respectful and responsible manner. Students who engage in conduct unbecoming of an athlete representing Sisters Middle School, while at school or at games, may be removed from games or the season.