Fifth Grade Links


Fifth Grade LinksThis page has links for websites that contain information for Grade 5 students.

Ben’s Guide to the US Government
Teaches kids from kindergarten through 12th grade about the federal government, from the US Government Printing Office.

Biomes of the World
Learn about terrestrial biomes and aquatic ecosystems. Follow link to site about plants. What’s It Like Where You Live?

Founded in 1999, BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. Our award-winning online educational resources include BrainPOP Jr. (K-3), BrainPOP, BrainPOP Español, and BrainPOP ESL. All are supported by BrainPOP Educators, our teacher community now more than 110,000 members strong and featuring free lesson plans, video tutorials, professional development tools, graphic organizers, best practices, and much more.

Chain Reaction: Build a Food Chain
Chain Reaction: assemble a food chain. The order that animals feed on other plants and animals is called a food chain. Do you think you can put a food chain together?

Colonial Williamsburg
Includes colonial history resources, guide to visiting Williamsburg, children’s activities, Foundation’s mission, giving opportunities.

Deschutes Public Library
Provides book and reference services through branches in Bend, La Pine, Redmond, Sisters and Sunriver. Includes services, programs, online searches, etc.

Free online dictionary search, translator, word of the day, crossword puzzles and word games, and vocabulary learning resources for many languages.

Discover Education: Brain Boosters
Brain Boosters offers online activities for your kids including educational games and brain teasers.

Discover Education: Learning Adventures
Discovery School for Science A to Z.

Discover Education: Science Fair Central
Science Fair Central offers ideas for science fair projects and experiments for kids.

Fact Monster
Fact Monster is a free reference site for students, teachers, and parents. Get homework help and find facts on thousands of subjects . . .

Food Chains
A food chain shows how each living thing gets food, and how nutrients and energy are passed from creature to creature. Food chains begin with plant-life, and end with animal-life. Some animals eat plants, some animals eat other animals. A simple food chain could start with grass, which is eaten by rabbits.

Funbrain: Where is That?
FUNBRAIN will show you maps. For each screen, identify the correct country (or state). Check the correct box or type in the name (spelling counts). If you select level 5, you will also have to type in the name of the country’s or state’s capital.

Houghton Mifflin: Outline Maps
Maps of all the countries of the world that can be printed out and copied for the classroom.

ipL2 for Kids
Features a searchable, subject-categorized directory of authoritative websites; links to online texts, newspapers, and magazines, etc.

Internet4Classroom: Social Studies Skills
A ton of 5th Grade Social Studies links to other websites that are organized into the following categories: Geographical Perspectives, Historical and Cultural Perspectives, Civics and Government, and Economic Perspectives.

KidsGeo: Geography & Geology for Kids
Geology is the study of our Earth, the processes that formed it, and how it will continue to change in the future. Geography is the study of the Earth’s surface, atmosphere, and people.

Annotated searchable directory of websites created for kids by librarians. Searchable by subject, reading level and degree of picture content.

Lexia Reading Core 5
Lexia Reading Core5 provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the six areas of reading instruction, and delivers norm-referenced performance data and analysis without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test.  Designed specifically to meet the Common Core and the most rigorous state standards, this research-proven, technology-based approach accelerates reading skills development, predicts students’ year-end performance and provides teachers data-driven action plans to help differentiate instruction.

Math Playground
Action packed math site for elementary and middle school students featuring math games, math word problems, math worksheets, logic puzzles, and math videos.
The only site educators, parents and students will want to use. Quality, free curriculum and professional resources for the entire curriculum available.

National Geographic Animals
Animals from A to Z on the National Geographic website.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
Portland, Oregon museum includes online science resources for teachers, students, and everyone interested in science.

Oregon School Library Information System
A website designed for K-12 students and educators integrating information literacy with access to licensed databases.

Sadlier-Oxford Educational Publishing
William H. Sadlier, Inc. has been a family-owned and managed publisher of school materials since 1832. Its Sadlier-Oxford division is committed to serving the needs of today’s PreK-12 public, private, and Catholic schools with high-quality, research-based programs in mathematics, reading, and language arts.

Scholastic: The First Thanksgiving
Find out how the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans celebrated the first Thanksgiving together at Plymouth Plantation.

Social Studies for Kids: US History
The Who/What/Where/When information website about the US Revolutionary War.

Sweet Search: A Search Engine for Students
SweetSearch is a Search Engine for Students. It searches only the 35,000 Web sites that our staff of research experts and librarians and teachers have evaluated and approved when creating the content on Finding Dulcinea: Library of the Internet. We constantly evaluate our search results and “fine-tune” them, by increasing the ranking of Web sites from organizations such as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, PBS and university Web sites.
SweetSearch helps students find outstanding information, faster. It enables them to determine the most relevant results from a list of credible resources, and makes it much easier for them to find primary sources. We exclude not only the spam sites that many students could spot, but also the marginal sites that read well and authoritatively, but lack academic or journalistic rigor. As importantly, the very best Web sites that appear on the first page of SweetSearch results are often buried on other search engines.

TypingPal Online
The ideal tool for mastering the keyboard and increasing your typing productivity.
Dynamic and stimulating, Typing Pal Online offers a personalized approach to learning keyboard skills. With nothing more than a web browser and a subscription, you can make rapid progress by benefitting from the most up-to-date games and exercises. Typing Pal Online gives you a personal web account that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection; no download or CD-ROM is required.

United States Map
Stretching across the continent of North America, the United States goes from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. North of Mexico and south of Canada, it has the Gulf of Mexico on its south-eastern border. The US consists in addition of two more states that are not contiguous to (not touching the other parts) the main body of the United States. Hawaii is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; Alaska is on the northwest coast of North America, bordering Canada. Going clear across North America, the United States has a great variety of climates and landscapes, from temperate rainforest to desert, fertile plains to icy mountains.

US Geological Survey & Science Education
The US Geological Survey provides scientific information intended to help educate the public about natural resources, natural hazards, geospatial data, and issues that affect our quality of life. Discover selected online resources, including lessons, data, maps, and more, to support teaching, learning, education (K-12), and university-level inquiry and research.

Web Math
This site is composed of many math “fill-in-forms” into which you can type the math problem you’re working on. Linked to these forms is a powerful set of math-solvers, that can instantly analyze your problem, and when possible, provide you with a step-by-step solution, instantly!

A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using Wiki software.

Integrated English dictionary and thesaurus.