7th & 8th Grade Health


HealthThe middle school years are a time of many changes and decisions. Health class is designed to help students learn about their changing bodies, to help them sort out emotions and personal values, to aid them in maintaining optimum health as a lifelong process, and to show students how to take responsibility for making healthy decisions. This class is all about the student. Topics include real-life and relevant situations for teens and are based on teen pressures and risk behaviors that students will face in the upcoming years.

The emphasis is on teaching the whole child which includes their mental, emotional, social, and physical health.

Students will cover the following topics and often more over their 7th and 8th grade years:


Mental/Emotional Health

Dealing with stress, depression, suicide, violence prevention, positive self-esteem, handling peer pressures, making decisions, uncompromising values, understanding media literacy, mindfulness, understanding our emotions, and more . . .


Social Health

Resolving conflicts, dealing with bullies, anger management, communication skills, having empathy for others, healthy relationships, and more . . .


Physical Health

The importance of sleep, yoga, maintaining physical fitness, dangers of drugs and alcohol, nutrition, first aid and CPR, disease prevention, sexual health, and more . . .