Music Program


Musical NotesThe Sisters Middle School Music Program strives to provide every middle school student with a well-rounded music education. Sisters School District believes in the power of music education on the developing middle school mind and has created a collection of course offering that support this fact.

All Fifth Grade students are enrolled in a General Music Class that teaches the fundamentals of reading music and dives into music history. Students will leave this class with basic piano skills. Fifth Graders have no outside of the school day performances.

All Sixth Grade students are enrolled in a music class of their choice – either the band or the choir. Within these Sixth Grade ensembles, the students continue to develop music fundamentals and learn to work collaboratively, as a team in music ensembles. Sixth Graders perform in three concerts throughout the year.

In the Seventh and Eighth Grades, Sisters Middle School students have an elective choice to continue studying band and/or choir in more advanced middle school ensembles. Band students at this level also have the option of auditioning for Jazz ensembles. These groups of advanced middle school musicians showcase their talents in at least three performances/festivals throughout the school year.