Social Studies Links


This page has links for websites that contain information for Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies students.

Social Studies Links


Egyptian Tomb Adventure
Join Anna Livingston for an advanture of a lifetime. Looking for a new challenge? Not scared of snakes or scorpions? Sign up to join this archaeologist on her adventure exploring an ancienct Egyptian tomb.

GeoBee Quiz
Test your geography smarts right here online. Each day we’ll post ten questions from the National Geographic Bee.

Go West Across America With Lewis & Clark
Join Lewis and Clark on an expedition across America in this interactive game. Learn the histories of famous and lesser known people–Sacagawea, etc.

Houghton Mifflin: Outline Maps
Maps of all the countries of the world that can be printed out and copied for the classroom.

Online Interactive Maps – See Your World
Free online maps of Europe, US, Asia, South America and more. Make large maps to learn geography, to learn the US states, to learns “where in the world”. Free interactive maps for business, travel or study. Great for classroom use.

Tomb of the Unknown Mummy
Search for artifacts in a mysterious tomb. Explore each tomb using a lantern. When you see the sparkle of gold, click on it to photograph an artifact. Who is buried in the town? Artifacts give you clues to find out.

USA Capitals
Click on a state to learn its capital.

USA Geographic Regions
Click on a geographic region on the map to learn its name. You may also click on a checkbox and the region will appear.

Where Is That?
Improve your geography skills. Fun game teaches states and countries with their capitals. For kids and children of all ages and grades.

A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using Wiki software.

Yong’s China Quest Adventure Game
The period is 500BCE. On your quest as a scholar, you must learn about the tradition of Chinese writing, and become safe-guarded by a mystical beast by collecting the Qilin tile.