TechnologyWhether we like it or not, technology is everywhere.  In order for our students to be successful after high school in the “real” world, they must know technology.   Being a consumer of technology is simply not enough.  ALL students should be able to command, bend, and create technology to their will!


At Sisters Middle School, we offer a variety of classes around technology.


Digital Production

In this course, students learn the basic skills of taking photographs.  After these skills are mastered, they proceed to manipulating these photos using a program similar to photoshop.    Finally, students will learn various skills in producing stop-motion animation videos.


Programing and Game Design

Every student should learn how to program.  In this course, students are exposed to four different programming languages that revolve around the basic principles of programming.  Students will then move on to 3D modeling and design using Sketch-up and TinkerCard.  Many of the projects that the students create will also be printed using our 3D printer.  Finally, students will create three games using a program called Construct 2.


Tinkering 1 & 2

Many of the hands on skills that kids, at one time, used to learn, are being lost as we proceed into the digital revolution.  This course is all about hands-on building, creating and learning.  Students will learn soldering skills, sewing skills, and basic electronics to name a few.  In this course, the Engineering Design Process is utilized to complete and compete in classroom challenges.