Clubs & Activities


Sisters Middle School’s selection of student-run clubs and staff-run activites changes every year. There are many clubs to choose from. Some clubs are serious and others are just for fun. Whatever the focus, Sisters’ clubs add variety and fun to life in and after the school day. Join a club, meet new friends!


Clubs & Activities

This class is a study of the roots of folk music in our culture.  The students are provided the opportunity to learn the basics of playing the guitar and songwriting, while they gain an understanding of how music has formed and shaped historical, cultural, and social events in America.  Students will perform their songs in class, as well as have many opportunities to perform outside of school. This class partners closely with the Sisters Folk Festival, which connects the students with world-class professional musicians, who often visit the class and give workshops on songwriting and performing. Students also learn to engineer sound and recording equipment.  At the end of every year, the Americana Project students produce a full-length, professional CD of their original music.  Learn more >>

Advisor: Rick Johnson
When: Mon – Fri
Where: Room 618, Rick Johnson’s Room
What: Elective course

Check out the Americana Project Music Club too!.


Battle of the Books
Jazz Combos

The Jazz Combos are invitation or audition based groups, designed to offer more detailed and in depth musical training to our most advanced students. Combos study and perform musical styles from the 1910’s up through the modern era. These groups are also afforded a wider range of performance opportunities at music festivals, and throughout the community.

Advisor: Tyler Cranor
When: High School Jazz Combo meets from 7:30-8:30 pm on Tuesdays
Where: MS Room 166, Tyler Cranor’s Room
What: Elective course; students register at the District Office or Front Office and pay a co-curricular fee


Leadership is a course for Seventh and Eighth Graders that is designed to help students figure out who they are and who they want to become. We work through the book, Healthy Habits of a Healthy Teen by Sean Covey. Students create individual mission statements to keep their eyes on their individual goals in life- academic, social, emotional, etc. Although we work on ourselves, we also work on building a positive inclusive environment for all students while they attend Sisters Middle School (SMS).

Advisor: Becky Aylor
When: Mon – Fri
Where: Room 131, Becky Aylor’s Room
What: Elective course

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Outdoor School

Outdoor school for sixth graders is that once-in-a-lifetime enrichment opportunity to experience academics and education OUTSIDE of the four walls of a classroom.

Carol Packard has spent two decades working with sixth graders to provide the opportunity for rich discussion and hands-on learning. For some students, this is the first time that they sleep in a sleeping bag or eat around a dinner table as a group, putting a napkin on their lap.

Students are supervised at all times with trained SHS student counselors as well as camp organizers, SMS staff, and nurse Roy.

Students will take a deeper look into the ecosystem at Camp Tadmor in their outdoor education classes, as well as learn how to survive in the wilderness with limited supplies and how to care for injuries with a buddy, etc. Interest groups are held in the afternoon before homework time, where students can experience drumming and song writing, painting on canvas, baking, carving walking sticks, micro-worlds, beading, dance, etc. Brad Tisdel is one of our Camp Coordinators who brings the arts and music around the evening campfire as well as rallies during the day.

Outdoor School typically occurs for three days and two nights in the month of May.



Yearbooks are memories that last a lifetime! The yearbook staff is made up entirely of Leadership students with the Leadership teacher as their advisor. Yearbook is an elective that typically is offered second trimester, although we are hoping for yearlong yearbook class at some point. Web-based programing enables students to navigate easily to complete their assigned color pages with including their own creative spin on page layout and captions. The end result is a beautiful hardback glossy 56-page yearbook.

Outlaw Photograph (Jerry Baldock) has been a generous go-to for our professional photographs. Students and community members are also encouraged to submit photos for consideration to

Yearbooks are purchased through the office for $25.00-$30.00.

Eighth grade baby ads are on sale from December 1 until the end of January.